How to Fix a Motorcycle Stator

For most popular motorcycle models, it is generally cheaper and easier to replace a failed motorcycle stator with a brand new aftermarket part. RMSTATOR manufactures extremely high quality motorcycle stators for all makes and models, often available for 1/3 the price of an OEM stator, including an excellent warranty! Motorcycle stators can be fixed or repaired, though if a replacement part is available, it is generally much cheaper to to replace it rather than repair the stator. Repairing a damaged or failed motorcycle stator is labor intensive, requiring careful unwinding and cleaning of the original stator core to prepare it for new wire windings. The newly prepared core is then carefully rewound, either using a specialized machine, or by hand, with high quality new wire. RMSTATOR offers an excellent stator repair service, that is especially useful for older or uncommon models that do not have a new aftermarket alternative available.